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Agile Methodology

What We’ve Learned Over 5 Years in Kraków

September 1, 2015, is an important date in Architech’s history. It was then that our first two Polish team members were hired to help us embark on a completely new journey in Kraków, Poland. A deep dive into the unknown. Today, we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Architech’s offshore office in Kraków! 

The Evolving Role of the CMO

We sat down with Michelle Flynn, Client Partner at Architech, and Craig Lund, President of Marketing Talent Inc. to get their perspectives on how our digital and data-driven world has redefined the role of the Chief Marketing Officer.

Are Containers Essential for Cloud-Native Apps?

Containers are a crucial entity in a cloud-based architecture. They promote portability, scalability, and are easy to deploy. Google alone deploys 2 billion containers in a week for its global services like Gmail and YouTube. Many small and big enterprises are seen deploying containers in

SquadGoals for 2017

We subscribe to the theory that a place is only as good as the people that make it. Our team of dedicated and creative staff is at the heart of the work that Architech does.