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Talent & Culture

Embracing a Nonlinear Career

Every career path is different. Some take the straight road. Others meander. For me, there have been a lot of detours along the way. I started at Architech three years ago, first joining as a project manager and scrum master. In many ways, it was

It’s a remote-first world for us

#EmbraceChange isn’t just a hashtag. It’s one of our battle-tested core values, particularly as we reinvent the way our growing team of 160 highly skilled professionals build modern tech solutions. We are now using “remote-first” as our organizational work strategy at Architech, which makes working

How To Ace The Interview

The job hunting process can be daunting and nerve-racking. Part of my job is to help candidates prepare and ace interviews while also making sure they walk away with a better understanding of the role and the organization.

What We’ve Learned Over 5 Years in Kraków

September 1, 2015, is an important date in Architech’s history. It was then that our first two Polish team members were hired to help us embark on a completely new journey in Kraków, Poland. A deep dive into the unknown. Today, we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Architech’s offshore office in Kraków! 

How to be a Great Technical Lead

In this article, we’ve broken down one of the most commonly misunderstood titles — Technical Lead — to shed light on what effective technical leadership looks like in practice. 

Architech Welcomes New CTO

Ashish Patel to lead technology teams at digital transformation company. Toronto, ON, Architech, a Toronto-based Enterprise Software and Cloud Services firm is pleased to announce a new chapter in their growth. Long-standing Architech CTO and Chief Architect Jungho Kim is leaving to focus on other

Architech at Techfest 2017

Heading to Techfest this year? Stop by and say ‘hi’! We’re always looking for great talent to join our crew – so be sure to come check out what we have to offer.

SquadGoals for 2017

We subscribe to the theory that a place is only as good as the people that make it. Our team of dedicated and creative staff is at the heart of the work that Architech does.

11 Keys to Success

Throughout my professional career, I’ve always been intrigued by the habits and behaviours of successful people. What sets them apart? What moves them to action? What motivates their decision making?

Our Time is Limited

It’s easy to get lost in the task-based existence of our overloaded calendars and never-ending client calls, and it took some hard news to reflect back and ask myself why I’m here. But in doing so, I’ve realized that it was just what I needed to gain context.