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Introducing: Architech Masterclass

the architech masterclass

Learning never goes out of style.

Introducing Architech Masterclass

For us at Architech, learning never goes out of style. That’s why we decided to create the Architech Masterclass series. Available as complimentary ~ 1.5 – 3 hour sessions, our subject matter experts will walk you through sessions focused on design thinking, machine learning, or specific engineering technologies. Bring the Architech team in over lunch or breakfast, to a team offsite or development day, or really any time you want to add value and help your team learn and grow.

“Everyone contributed to how we solve problems better. If we’re to continue to be relevant to our clients, we have to inject that kind of thinking into everything we do.“ – Hugh Cummings, CTO, Finastra (D+H)

architech's masterclass

The Masterclass Syllabus includes:

Design Thinking ~1.5 hours

By understanding an unmet need in the market, you can build real solutions for real problems, faced by real users. In this session, you’ll learn about identifying and segmenting customers to understand their pain points, design a customer value proposition, and help you define the business model for your solution.

Keep it Lean ~1.5 hours

92% of POC’s fail to make it to market, with many organizations closing their innovation labs for this reason. How can you ensure that you’re innovating, testing, and pivoting before bringing a product to market? In this session, you’ll learn about the lean startup methodology we employ in order to get the right product to market for our clients, up to 87% faster.

The Silver Lining is in the Cloud ~1-2 hours

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but what is it – and where is it? In this session, you’ll learn about cloud technologies, the benefit of the cloud, and why it’s important to build cloud-native solutions. Looking for a more advanced Cloud session?  We can customize one to fit your needs.

DevOps and Containerization ~2 hours 

You know what DevOps is – and you know what containerization is. But, what’s the benefit of combining these practices? In this session, you’ll learn how DevOps can be integrated into your IT environment to accelerate delivery, and how containerization can make deploying solutions and products more efficient and cost-effective.

Getting Started with Machine Learning ~2-3 hours

Rapid advances in big data, machine learning, and real-time computing have left many organizations with a gap in how they use the data to improve their business. In this session, you’ll learn about the foundations of machine learning, the importance of data integrity, and what you’ll need to get started with machine learning.

All About Cortana Intelligence Suite ~3 hours

Data science is much more than a trend: studies show that it can give your company a significant competitive advantage. It demands a good practice of data acquisition, preparation, exploration and visualization, which, historically, has been expensive. In this session, you’ll learn how Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite can help you organization deliver advanced analytics quickly and efficiently.

“Architech demonstrated how to test and assess different smart machine models and interpret the results using a real-world example with immediate currency to us.”– Senior Project Manager, Leading Canadian Credit Union

If you’re interested in booking a Masterclass workshop with us, contact us.