Year: 2017

"We fundamentally believe that a platform like HVR will be successful in driving new readers back to our platforms... and provide them with a superior experience that they'll want to continue to utilize and re-engage with." - Director, Leading International Digital Agency

Driven by the desire to improve the way people interact with content online, HVR is an innovative new platform that allows users to share content outside of typical platforms, in a more intuitive and seamless way. 

casestudy01The Challenge:

HVR came to Architech with a vision for creating a new online platform that would change the way users communicate and consume digital content. With a concept that had never been developed before, Architech was engaged and integrated strategy, design, engineering, and cognitive analytics to create a chrome extension that enables commenting on websites, maintains the original content, and creates a personal experience and library for that content.


casestudy02The Solution:

We built a complex chrome extension that allows users to comment directly on articles and videos on websites like Medium or The New York Times, encouraging the conversation to remain on the content creator’s website, keeps this content private to your network or your account, and creates a personal library for your content and notes. We used a design thinking approach to create and validate the concept before beginning development, and for the build we leveraged open source technologies including Java, Spring Boot, and React+Redux; all hosted on Microsoft Azure.


casestudy03The Results:

The chrome extension promotes and aggregates audiences and engagement on websites. HVR helps keep users on the site, encourages engagement with other users through group creation, liking, and sharing capabilities. Using Microsoft Azure for real-time data capture, HVR provides important insights to websites to help them make specific decisions about content personalization to create better user experiences, and encourages increased monetization.