Financial Technology Provider

“It’s a powerful thing when teams come together to brainstorm, bring diverse ideas to the fore, then start talking to clients and customers.” – SVP and Chief Product Officer

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading financial services provider, 48% of mortgage applicants felt they could do “everything” by themselves for their next mortgage. Architech was engaged to transform the customer journey for mortgage applicants.

The Challenge:

With that key insight in mind, Architech was tasked with developing a solution that would provide an “Apple-like” experience that was easy, fast, and simple to use for mortgage applications. The challenge was to engage customers across all touch points, be mobile-responsive, and user-friendly.

The Solution:

With an open problem statement, we began by leading a two-day workshop to introduce design-thinking principles to the client’s team, and to determine the core challenges for the user. Using the design-thinking methodology, the client began adapting the overall strategic behaviour during product development by collaborating during the agile process. The final product was a prototype of an HTML5 responsive and interactive mobile website intended to pre-approve individuals looking for a mortgage. Using Microsoft Azure, we were able to validate the app twice as fast as our competitors.

The Results:

Using Microsoft’s Modern App Development, we were able to rapidly prototype the application for testing. The app is designed to serve the needs of large financial institutions in North America, and revolutionize the user experience by eliminating countless hours of paperwork in the mortgage process.

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