North American Food Producer and Distributor

450 distributors now have direct, up-to-date access to information for 1,000+ products in their inventory.

A leading North American food producer and distributor knew that their home-grown intranet system was no longer meeting retailers’ and internal team needs. Architech was engaged to design and implement a content management system (CMS) and consolidate their database.

The Solution:

Architech designed and implemented a solution that brought to market a solid and scalable intranet portal solution – a project that the client had been trying spearhead for three years. Architech built a self-service web portal that consolidated all orders, invoices, documentation, sales materials and user profiles, which optimized operations and transformed their digital business processes.

The Results:

Using the self-service system, 450 distributors now have direct, up to date access to information for 1,000+ products in inventory. The solution democratized access to information while minimizing the reliance on stand-alone documents. The solution also allowed cross functionality as retailers could now access product information across all platforms, in real-time.

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