Westshore Terminals

The redeveloped platform enabled our frontline team to access important information from the field, and make better, real-time operational decisions to optimize our business and improve efficiencies.

Westshore Terminals, a premier Canadian coal export terminal, needed to transform its legacy terminal operation system used by over 100 employees and scale outward to increase efficiency and lower costs. Architech helped the company achieve a milestone by rebuilding a system that delivers results, seamlessly.

The Challenge:

Having learned about Architech’s expertise in rebuilding legacy systems, we were engaged by Westshore to rebuild its existing Terminal Operating and Planning System (TOPS) platform. The TOPS platform was primarily responsible for all operations and planning of terminal resources, including trains, vessels and stockpiles. As a legacy system, it was difficult to use and had reached end-of-life.

The Solution:

Westshore needed a system that was reliable, intuitive, and user-friendly. We transformed Westshore’s digital experience by building a terminal management system that maximized the efficiency of 22 million tonnes of annual global coal output.

The Results:

Architech implemented a fully redesigned operations processing system that provided controllers with a clear line of sight into the details and schedules of all shipments. The new system made vital client information, such as the terminal module, destination, coal load, and capacity, accessible and easy to use, optimized operations, and allowed employees to be more efficient.

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