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Design Thinking: Revolutionizing Business Strategy

When you think of a successful company, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Netflix’s streaming app domination? Oral B’s toothbrush empire? Perhaps Airbnb’s billion-dollar industry takeover? While all three of these examples are from different companies in different industries, they have one thing in common: they all used

The Business Case For Automation Frameworks: 3 Critical Benefits

As a DevOps engineer, I’ve learned that successful software projects take more than just careful planning, hard work and knowledge of the latest programming languages.   Much like cooking a great meal – where you need to have all the best ingredients on hand – building great software involves assembling a

Ditching Docker Compose for Kubernetes

When developing locally I usually incorporate Docker Compose into my local development workflow: Bringing up supporting containers needed to run databases, reverse proxies, other applications, or just to see how the container I’m developing works. Given that Docker Desktop comes with a single node Kubernetes (K8s) cluster and I usually end up

Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization: Time to Switch IT Up

The business case for legacy modernization could be summed up in one sentence: You’re never going to run a successful business in the twenty-first century by depending upon twentieth-century IT. By the mid to late 1990s, for instance, many organizations realized they needed to make investments in business applications, back-end

Usability Testing hero image

Maximizing Value Through Usability Testing

If digital transformation is done correctly, there are five words the people behind such initiatives should never have to hear: “Why doesn’t this thing work?” The “thing” could be a mobile app offered to customers, a content management system used by employees on the back end, or something even more

Robots and Microphone

Conversing About Conversation

Conversation design (also called voice design, voice user interface (VUI) design, or conversation user interface design (CUI)) is building experiences where a user interacts with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent to complete tasks.

The Story Points Handbook

There’s good reason why story points are a bit of a conundrum for many people. For one thing, the scrum guide mentions estimation, but gives no reference to story points and how they…

Microservices vs Monolith

What’s the Difference? Your years of hard work has finally started paying off well and your company is incessantly booking profit margins and getting well-acclaimed clients from far and wide. But as it has been rightly said, ‘With great power comes even greater responsibility’, you too are getting too many

4 Ways Kubernetes Improves App Deployment

By modernizing legacy applications, technology leaders aim to improve business efficiency and agility. Organizations across every industry are dealing with the impact of disruptive technologies and existing legacy technologies are not capable of providing the speed necessary. This has been top of mind for many IT decision makers. According to

What Are Microservices?

There are many architectures which can be followed to develop the required software system. Picking up the right one is the key. Microservices are one of the software development techniques used to develop complex software systems. Of course, the word “complex” can be subjective. Here the software system which involves

Modernizing Applications with Kubernetes

The ultimate goal of your application modernization journey is to improve your business practices. By migrating your legacy applications to more modern infrastructure, not only are you preparing to battle the present day disruptive technologies, but those that will affect your business in the future. In 2018, the typical IT