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Tag: Talent and Culture

Building a Better Future—One bit of good at a time

Let’s talk a little about workplace culture.  As the COO and CFO of Architech, workplace culture is something I think about a lot—more, even than the operational targets that are a key part of my job. I believe that if you strive to create a positive workplace culture those targets

Embracing a Nonlinear Career

Every career path is different. Some take the straight road. Others meander. For me, there have been a lot of detours along the way. I started at Architech three years ago, first joining as a project manager and scrum master. In many ways, it was very similar to the role

How To Ace The Interview

The job hunting process can be daunting and nerve-racking. Part of my job is to help candidates prepare and ace interviews while also making sure they walk away with a better understanding of the role and the organization.