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Modernizing Global Wealth Management Application

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GLOBAL Financial Institution

Modernizing Financial Institution's Trading Platform for Enhanced Agility and Efficiency

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Global Financial Institution

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A leading global financial institution needed to optimize their online trading application among multiple disruptions and inefficiencies caused by their current monolithic legacy system. Architech's strategic approach lead to a container-based architecture to help streamline operations, foster collaboration, reduce downtime, and enable rapid deployment– all while ensuring top-tier security and agility for their clients.
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Modernizing legacy online trading application to enhance performance, security, and reliability.

A major global financial institution needed to optimize their online trading application to manage heavy traffic while ensuring top-notch security and reliability. Their current legacy system caused major disruptions during updates, which lead to prolonged downtime. The complex monolithic architecture required senior approval for minimal updates, causing delays in managing releases and disruptions to the SDLC. On top of this, outdated technology and inefficient processes delayed productivity enhancements, making the journey towards improvement and innovation even more challenging.


Leveraging Azure and Kubernetes for a seamless transition to container-based architecture for rapid reliable deployment.

Architech started by swiftly developing a Proof of Concept (POC), collaborating closely with the client's team. This POC aimed to assess different use cases' benefits, tackling challenges with application reliability and developer velocity.

Architech's strategy involved evaluating potential migration solutions, sorting use cases into high-priority groups for better app prioritization, empowering the client's team through our Kubernetes on Azure workshop, and using Kubernetes on Azure to smoothly shift the monolithic application into a more flexible container-based architecture.

By leveraging Azure and Kubernetes, Architech created an innovative platform that facilitated rapid application deployment while maintaining the security of sensitive banking data. This technical approach enabled a seamless transition to a modern containerized infrastructure, providing the client with enhanced efficiency and agility.


Boosting reliability, agility, and innovation through container-based architecture for improved market responsiveness and team collaboration.

Shifting to a container-based architecture made better use of resources, cutting downtime and costs, and sparked positive changes throughout the business. By fostering teamwork among stakeholders and embracing advanced technologies, the client's team gained important tools and best practices to speed up innovation, meet market demands effectively, and ensure security throughout the SDLC.

Architech's comprehensive approach didn't just update technology; it empowered the business to strengthen reliability across their trading platform. This shift led to reduced friction from concept to deployment, increased observability to proactively respond to system failures, efficient testing through automation, adaptable code, and the ability to deploy multiple application versions for A/B testing in minutes.

the REsults

Architech not only updated technology but also empowered the client's business with increased agility, resilience, and thought leadership. This is evident in the impressive reductions achieved: cutting environment provisioning time from 2 weeks to 20 minutes, streamlined patch planning time by 97% reducing it from 5 weeks to 1 day, and reducing manual scaling time from 4 weeks to 10-30 minutes. With their modernized application, the client has established a new foundation for operational excellence, consistent user satisfaction, agile workflows and new opportunities for revenue growth.