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WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile Enhances Digital Presence, Boosting Customer Engagement and Strengthening Brand Consistency through UX/UI Transformation

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WIND Mobile

At a Glance
WIND Mobile (known as Freedom Mobile as of 2016) was on a mission to enhance the user experience of their website and Customer Activation Portal (CAP). Modernizing their legacy application aimed to resolve technical complexities, improve user experience, and equip WIND with a more efficient, scalable and customer-centric digital application.
Ontario, Canada
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Addressing the dual challenge of modernizing the website and Customer Activation Portal (CAP) to ensure a seamless user experience.

WIND Mobile, a leading telecommunications company, faced the dual challenge of modernizing their website and Customer Activation Portal (CAP). The user-focused applications needed to deliver a seamless user experience, cater to diverse screen sizes, ensure scalability and address accessibility needs. The portal was also a crucial element of this modernization as it served as a primary conversion point, allowing customers to activate their accounts and accept special offers in real-time.


Utilizing UX data research, to develop a modernization strategy that enhances responsiveness, improves brand consistency and ensures accessibility standards.

Architech initiated a comprehensive UX discovery that assessed both the website and the CAP. Through user research, interviews, heat mapping and collaborating with stakeholders, Architech identified critical issues in the current user journey that impacted the way users and CSR’s were navigating their applications.

Based on the data captured Architech developed a clear UX strategy to address the defined business needs. The strategy focused on mobile-first design approach to ensure responsiveness across various devices and a consistent UI to ensure brand consistency across the applications.

The strategy focused on mobile-first design approach to ensure responsiveness across various devices and a consistent UI to ensure brand consistency across the applications. Architech introduced a CMS that enabled real-time content management, offering WIND employees greater flexibility and speed contributing and managing content on the site without the need of developer intervention.

Finally, Architech developed a scalable, compliant Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) UI kit on Figma. This kit not only improved accessibility but also ensured brand consistency across the portal.


A unified, responsive, and user-friendly platform, improving brand consistency, enhancing accessibility, and increasing conversions.

The collaboration between WIND and Architech resulted in a unified, responsive, and user-friendly online platform, encompassing not only the CAP but the entire website. This modernization met the needs of both customers and WIND Mobile agents. Architech’s technical solution implementing a Content Management System (CMS), enabled WIND’s team to autonomously manage their content and digital assets, reducing their reliance on development assistance.

the REsults

This digital overhaul streamlined operations, enhancing brand consistency and accessibility, improving the user experience. By aligning modern technology with business objectives, WIND's digital presence became a strategic asset, driving customer engagement, increase conversions and reinforcing their position as an industry leader committed to delivering telecommunication excellence.

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I’ve had the best experience working with Architech! The project was delivered on time and the business, the team and our customers were happy with the results of this project.
Atif Ahmad