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Modernizing Roto Rooter's Legacy Site into a Cloud Platform-OSS on Azure

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At a Glance
Architech was tasked to reduce the page load time and improve the overall user experience for a leading North American home services company. As of July 2018, Google started using page speed times as a ranking factor for its mobile search. This meant that fast page speeds were rewarded with higher SEO rankings while slow page speeds dropped. According to Google, for every second a customer is waiting for a web page to load, organizations lose approximately 19% of potential customers.
Increase in
yoy sales
Increase to
page load Speed
increase to
web traffic conversions
Improvement to
site accessbility
Chicago, USA
Company Size
Home services

The challenge

Modernizing monolithic CMS-website to improve scalability, agility and reliability.

Roto Rooter's original CMS-driven website had a lot of business logic bundled as plugins and modules in the CMS making it difficult for the Roto Rooter's team to make upgrades or changes to the site fast and efficiently. The site was a monolith java application that had modules spread across the site, leaving Roto Rooter's constantly frustrated with the site's performance, scalability and inconsistent page load times. With the current site’s limitations and Roto Rooter's mounting frustration and disconnect, the modernization project was born.

the solution

Delivering open-source Cloud application on the Azure platform.

Architech developed a road map that included a full migration to the cloud, converting the existing monolithic site into microservices with a headless CMS. Architech also built a custom backend to enhance performance and maintainability. By adopting an Azure Infrastructure, leveraging Java CMS, Angular, GitHub and Docker, Roto Rooter's was able to retire their legacy system and realize the benefits of the cloud. The impact of successfully modernizing Roto Rooter's legacy site, allowed them to maintain their industry dominance, and earned the Architech dream team the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year award.

the solution

Architech successfully enhanced site performance and UX leading to improved page load times, SEO, an increase in overall service bookings, and faster time to market.

Architech has always been a partner and an extension of the Roto-Rooter team. They are passionate about their work and strive to produce the best end result, and on time.
VP of Marketing, Roto-Rooter