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goodlife fitness

Modernizing GoodLife’s On-Prem Applications With Cloud Adoption Accelerators

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GoodLife Fitness

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In the face of technical challenges stemming from complex architectures and accrued technical debt, GoodLife chose Architech as their strategic technical partner to guide them in their modernization journey. This partnership aimed to transform GoodLife's infrastructure, streamline operations, and enhance overall business agility.
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Struggling with legacy systems, GoodLife sought innovation to transform their complex ecosystem into a scalable, cloud-native solution.

Using a mix of on-prem applications, GoodLife’s current setup lacked the flexibility to scale and quickly add new solutions due to backend limitations. As GoodLife's business grew, they ended up with a variety of disconnected systems that made it hard to control costs, ensure security, and connect everything seamlessly. Having different systems in their data center created issues with keeping versions aligned and databases in sync with applications. In this complex ecosystem, GoodLife needed a technical partner to help them overcome these challenges to stay competitive and ensure the best user experience across their 400+ locations.


Harnessing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for seamless scaling, embraced microservices for agility, and fortified DevOps with advanced automation.

Architech defined a future state reference architecture using Architech’s cloud accelerators and leveraging Microsoft's Solution Assessments to establish a streamlined operational foundation.

This set the stage for a comprehensive transformation, highlighted by migrating the "Do Not Call List" application to a modern architecture powered by Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), enabling dynamic scaling and enhanced reliability through containerization.

This modernization extended to overhauling GoodLife’s Corporate E-commerce application, adopting an event-driven, microservice-based architecture for rapid development and deployment, strengthening DevOps & DevSecOps pipelines through automation with GitHub, GitHub Advanced Security, and Sonar Cloud.


Architech's expertise enabled GoodLife to integrate cutting-edge technologies, driving a remarkable 35% increase in application development speed.

Architech played a pivotal role in guiding GoodLife toward successful integration of cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes and microservices, resulting in improvements to scalability and operational efficiency.

Throughout the engagement, Architech not only aided GoodLife in overcoming technical debt and challenges but facilitated significant cost savings, accelerated project launch timelines, elevated security protocols, and optimized overall performance. By harnessing the power of Architech's cloud accelerators, GoodLife achieved an impressive 35% increase in application development speed.

the REsults

GoodLife achieved transformative results, including a 4-week architectural assessment, rapid landing zone setup, and seamless implementation of over 300 governance rules. A remarkable 55% cost reduction emphasized the value of strategic collaboration for effective modernization. Guided by a 2-year digital roadmap focused on innovation, GoodLife benefits from contemporary CI/CD practices, efficient cloud infrastructure, and strong governance policies, enhancing customer experience. This commitment to excellence drives agility, and heightened system performance, ensuring success.