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TELUS Rewards

TELUS Modernizes Digital Portal To Deepen Customer Relationships and Improve App Resilience

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TELUS Rewards

TELUS Modernizes Digital Portal To Deepen Customer Relationships and Improve App Resilience

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TELUS Rewards

At a Glance
The TELUS Rewards portal needed to have the stability that would allow the platform to scale in parallel to its growth. As a critical customer-facing digital property, the portal also had to be optimized for maximum engagement and improved user experience that would support real-time redemptions and streamlined account activations.
increase in portal traffic
increase to engagement on Wishlist page
reduction to error pages triggered
Alberta, Canada
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Enhancing TELUS Rewards Program for Competitive Loyalty Market

TELUS Rewards, one of the top loyalty programs in Canada, sought to enhance its customer experience and expand its offerings. They needed a versatile and innovative portal solution that could accommodate multiple partners and allow for continuous evolution in a highly competitive market.


Scalable Cloud Native Solution for Seamless Customer Experience and Flexible Management

Architech was engaged to design, build, and maintain the TELUS Rewards experience. Architech delivered an easy-to-navigate customer interface, enabling users to check balances, browse the catalogue, redeem points, earn perks, track orders, and enter contests. Additionally, we developed a flexible back-end portal that enabled TELUS' marketing team to manage catalogues, customer orders, and promotions efficiently. This provided a powerful platform to collaborate with new product partners and execute engaging contests, innovative promotions, and free perks for their users. Architech also implemented continuous improvements through customer feedback tracking, analytics integration, automated unit-testing, and load testing to ensure scalability and performance.

the solution

As a result of our collaboration, TELUS Rewards received Bronze in the Incentive and Reward Design category of the Loyalty360 Awards. The seamless customer experience and enhanced functionalities attracted a growing customer base. The flexible back-end portal enabled TELUS to effortlessly partner with new products and continuously evolve the program, expanding its reach and meeting the evolving needs of their customers. The program's performance and service remain uninterrupted, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.