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Evolution Time Critical Transforms Legacy TMS into a Cloud-Native System

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Evolution Time Critical

At a Glance
Evolution Time Critical (ETC), a leading multinational shipping logistics company, needed to modernize their legacy Transportation Management System (TMS) with little disruption to their day-to-day operations. ETC wanted to streamline its processes, become more efficient, and increase profitability.
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Alberta, Canada
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The challenge

Modernizing legacy TMS system to meet evolving customer needs and drive operational efficiency.

ETC faced several challenges related to their TMS, which was a customized out-of-the-box solution. Their existing processes were time-consuming, lacked efficiency, and required manual data extraction, limiting automation. As their customers became more technology-driven, ETC needed to adapt to their evolving needs. The enterprise wanted to automate their processes while providing a modern technology infrastructure for their employees to improve operational efficiencies.

the solution

Serverless cloud-native Transportation Management System.

Architech created a cloud-native platform using Microsoft Azure for ETC's end customers and employees with a modern responsive, mobile-friendly design. The platform had a NextJS and Flutter front-end, a Typescript, NodeJS, and ExpressJS back-end, and NextJSAuth for identity and access management. The platform's functionality included the ability to generate real-time quotes based on parameters, send automated emails to customers for each quote generated, display real-time notifications, provide a dashboard with an aggregated view of all shipment statuses, an admin portal for onboarding customers, and automated deployments using the latest DevOps practices.

the solution

The platform had all the required functionality and was built with the latest technology and DevOps practices, gaining market validation 54% faster. This provided ETC with a competitive edge in the shipping logistics industry.

The quality of your technical team was outstanding; including the web design. Architech clearly showed a 5 star performance!
Chief Digital Officer,
Evolution Time Critical