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Leading Financial Institution

Modernizing Global Wealth Management Application

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GLOBAL supply chain solutions

Modernizing Global Supply Chains with Azure-Powered System and Exceptional User Experience

CAse Study

Global Supply Chain Solutions

At a Glance
This global supply chain innovator realized that companies worldwide were struggling with fulfilling their deliveries in a timely manner. Architech spearheaded the build of an Azure cloud-native bionic supply chain platform that empowers organizations to better manage their supply chain more effectively and sustainably. The client had successfully signed up a handful of customers, saving up to 10% per container shipped.
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Ontario, Canada
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Navigating complex supply chain dynamics and addressing visibility and challenges across a network of partners.

This global supply chain operation needed to streamline supply chain operations and enhance visibility amidst a vast network of partners, suppliers, and diverse data sources. This intricate ecosystem required a modernized solution to efficiently integrate, filter, and manage data from various channels, all while ensuring accuracy and consistency. The client struggled with data inconsistencies, unpredictable volumes, and legacy systems to optimize supply chain processes impacting their business revenue and client relationships. This posed a complex hurdle that demanded a comprehensive approach to modernize and transform the supply chain management system.


Rapidly developing an Azure-powered solution for a dynamic supply chain ecosystem.

Leveraging Azure's robust capabilities, Architech built a cloud-native platform integrating multiple data sources through a data pipeline, enabling efficient ingestion, cleansing, and conversion. Azure Service Bus ensured reliable message delivery, with serverless functions processing and persisting data in Azure Database and Blob Storage. An event-driven architecture, powered by Java, TypeScript, and Python, created microservices and functions, transforming the client's supply chain into an agile, data-driven ecosystem ready for modern business challenges.


Harnessing cloud-native technology for operational excellence, client satisfaction, and business expansion.

Centralizing and harmonizing supply chain data, Architech developed a UX-enhanced modern platform, offering a single source of truth for the client's operations. This clarity improved end-to-end lead times, enabling confident commitments. The platform managed purchase orders, shipments, and deliveries with precision, enhancing efficiency.

The user-friendly dashboard, powered by React and embedded PowerBI components, offered clients an effortless view of their data for informed decisions. Scalability, integration, and self-healing capabilities ensured consistent performance and reduced costs. This holistic solution empowered the client with advanced supply chain management, driving growth and competitive advantage.

the REsults

The platform enhanced supply chain management, uniting information for suppliers, shippers, logistics, and fulfillment, improving lead times and client commitments. Architech's solution managed purchase orders, streamlined operations, and automation boosted planning and delivery. The stakeholder cockpit enhanced collaboration and organizational visibility. Architech's strategic tech implementation delivered enhanced performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, reducing downtime, achieving 10% savings per container shipped, and improved supply chain efficiency.

The Architech team worked closely with our tech team to build our platform and scale much faster. They acted as a true technical partner in helping us create an enterprise-grade supply chain orchestration platform that allows for co-operation between participants to enable collaboration and growth without intermediaries. Our team was impressed with the quality of Architech's work and the power of Azure.
CEO, Global Supply Chain Solutions