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What is ctrl+alt repeat?

Simply put, this is where you can hear the latest cloud-native strategies from the #dreamteam and our larger network! You'll get snippets, e-books, podcasts, articles, and more.

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In each episode, you will get actionable tips you can apply in your practice today. Learn what we suggest you do (and sometimes don't do) when modernizing, designing, and building cloud-native applications.
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Playbooks & Ebooks

A Tech Leaders 2023 Playbook

The Anatomy of a Successful Application Modernization

Get a sneak peek into the key elements that lead to a successful Application Modernization.

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Maha Amir
“Control-alt-repeat is a success journey for every business leader who wants to establish a strong foundation for their transformation effort through repeatable transformation frameworks, insights into industry best practices and customer success stories.”

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