Integrate AI into your applications

Rapidly design & launch AI use cases
to address unique business needs
“97% of executives believe generative AI will be transformative to their company & industry”
– CxO Pulse Survey, June 2023

Unlock an exceptional user experience, agility, & revenue gains through AI

Design & launch tailored AI use cases to address your unique business needs. Our experts collaborate closely with you to gain deep insights into your operations, workflows, and customer interactions. With this understanding, we create customized AI solutions that seamlessly integrate with your applications, amplifying capabilities and driving tangible business value.
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Unlock human potential with advanced AI-powered use cases integrated into your applications


Integrate AI into your applications

Get the specialized skills and techniques you need to integrate AI in your enterprise applications.

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Explore the art of the possible, identify high value AI use cases and understand the technologies, process, risks and the ROI opportunity through our free AI Ideation Workshop.

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Ensure tangible results, gain a competitive edge and secure future success through the development of a rapid prototype of your AI use case.

Train & Enable your Team

Invest in your team's growth with AI training and knowledge transfer. Designed to equip your team with continued optimization and success in your custom-built AI infused application.
Launch custom built AI use cases

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Generate realistic images and videos, compose music, write stories, and design new products.


Simulate natural, human-like conversations and enable seamless communication between users and intelligent virtual assistants.

Speech transcription
& analytics

Transcribe audio recordings into accurate, searchable text and derive actionable analytics from the spoken word.


Enable seamless translation of text and content across languages, breaking down language barriers and fostering cross-cultural communication


Discover, organize, and leverage the wealth of information within your data repositories. Extract valuable patterns, trends, and relationships from data sources.

Document process automation

Automate repetitive and time-consuming document-related tasks to streamline various tasks and workflows related to document processing.

Our AI capabilities

Specialized in delivering AI for enterprise applications

We harness the power of specialized data and design techniques to launch custom-built AI use cases for your application.


Our robust data practice forms the foundation for successful AI implementations, enabling us to unlock valuable insights, drive informed decision-making, and deliver exceptional results.

User Experience

Our skilled UX design team humanizes AI by designing seamless, intuitive, and engaging experiences that enhance the interaction between users and AI-powered systems.

AI Technology

A perfect foundation for AI success. We build our own AI platforms in-house and can help  your business  increase efficiency.

Explore a variety of
high-value AI techniques & use cases

At Architech, we can custom-build the perfect use case for your application and users.

Generative AI

Voice Synthesis

Synthesize realistic human voices for various applications. This includes voice prompts for interactive voice response systems, voice-overs for audio content, or voice synthesis for individuals with speech disabilities.


Analyze historical data, market trends, and external factors to generate accurate forecasts. These forecasts can be used in many ways. For example, in logistics and supply chain management, this helps in optimizing inventory levels, production planning, and resource allocation.

Investment Portfolio Optimization

Assist in optimizing investment portfolios by generating recommendations based on market data, risk profiles, and investment objectives. These models can generate diverse investment strategies to help financial institutions and investors make informed decisions.

Conversational AI

Intelligent Call Routing

Analyze customer inquiries and intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agents or departments, reducing wait times and improving the efficiency of call center operations.

Supply Chain Visibility

Provide stakeholders with real-time insights on inventory levels, logistics operations, and delivery status, facilitating better decision-making and optimizing supply chain management.

Order Assistance

Help customers place orders, track inventory availability, and answer questions related to product specifications, pricing, or shipping options, providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

Knowledge Mining

Churn Prediction

Knowledge mining can be used to analyze customer behavior and historical data to predict customer churn. By identifying patterns and key factors contributing to customer churn, telecommunication companies can proactively implement retention strategies and reduce customer attrition.

Customer Insights

Extract valuable insights from customer interactions, such as call center logs, customer feedback, or social media conversations. Analyzing this unstructured data can provide insights into customer preferences, sentiment analysis, and identify areas for service improvement.

Fraud Detection

Detect patterns and anomalies in financial transactions, account activities, or customer behaviour to identify potential fraudulent activities. By analyzing historical data, fintech companies can develop models for real-time fraud detection and prevention.

Machine Translation

Website Localization

Automatically translate website content from one language to multiple target languages. This allows businesses to reach a wider international audience and provide localized versions of their websites without the need for manual translation.

Document Translation

Automatically translate documents such as articles, reports, or user manuals. While human post-editing may be required for higher accuracy, machine translation speeds up the translation process and provides a starting point for professional translators.

Multilingual Customer Support

Provide real-time translation of customer inquiries and support tickets. It enables businesses to communicate with customers who speak different languages, enhancing customer service and support capabilities.

Speech Transcription & Analytics

Customer Service

Transcribe customer support calls or interactions and provide valuable insights into customer sentiment, identify recurring issues, and analyze customer preferences. This information can help improve service quality, identify training needs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Voice Assistants

Built Voice-enabled virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. By transcribing and analyzing user voice commands, these assistants can understand user intents, provide accurate responses, and continually improve their language understanding capabilities.

Multilingual Customer Support

Provide real-time translation of customer inquiries and support tickets. It enables businesses to communicate with customers who speak different languages, enhancing customer service and support capabilities.

Document Automation

Account Opening

Streamline the account opening process in banks and financial institutions. It automates the collection, verification, and processing of customer documents, simplifying the onboarding experience, ensuring compliance, and reducing operational costs.

Contract Management

Streamline the management of contracts in the telecommunication industry. It involves automating the creation, review, approval, and storage of contracts, reducing manual effort, ensuring compliance, and improving contract lifecycle management.

Loan Processing

Automate the loan application and processing workflows in financial institutions. It involves automating document gathering, verification, and analysis for loan approvals, reducing manual errors, speeding up the loan processing time, and improving customer service.

Why Architech?

Data +
Design =
AI Success

We prioritize robust data handling practices, adhere to stringent data privacy regulations, and implement comprehensive data governance measures. Our strong UX practice is dedicated to creating seamless experiences that enhance user satisfaction and simplify their lives.

Experience &

With a wealth of experience in crafting and developing enterprise digital solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of application modernization services.

Customization &

We specialize in constructing digital solutions that are highly customizable to suit your unique requirements and have the flexibility to scale as your business expands and adapts to evolving demands.

Proudly building enterprise-grade digital solutions since 2004

The Architech team is passionately curious about technology and deeply invested in the leaders and teams we serve. Our success is driven through our ability to attract and retain top talent in Design, Product and Engineering. Our mission is to Build a Better Future and we live it day-by-day.
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