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Canadian Tire Innovates Financial Services with a Customer-First UX Workshop, Paving the Way for the Triangle Rewards Application

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Canadian Tire

At a Glance
Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS), ventured on a journey to reimagine banking for millennials, aiming to offer a more accessible, customer-centric, and innovative banking experience. In collaboration with Architech, this 12-week process included a design thinking workshop, extensive audience research, the development of a comprehensive roadmap, and the creation of three rapid proof of concepts.
Ontario, Canada
Company Size
Financial Services


Reimagining banking for millennials that demand a more accessible, human-centered experience.

Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS), set out to envision the future of banking tailored to their expanding millennial audience. Recognizing the distinct financial preferences and requirements of millennials, CTFS aimed to harness their brand loyalty and trusted reputation to innovate banking, creating a more accessible and human-centered experience, particularly appealing to the younger generation.


Laying the foundation for the Triangle Rewards application through a strategic design thinking workshop, user research sessions and a comprehensive technical roadmap.

Across a 12-week journey, CTFS and Architech collaboratively crafted a forward-looking banking vision. This involved developing journey maps, personas, and screen sketches that showcased innovative product and service ideas.

With Architech’s guidance leading the design thinking workshop and development, they explored both the Financial Services landscape and millennial perspectives. Through four comprehensive stages, Architech dove deep into understanding the market, identifying gaps, and empathizing with user's needs.

Architech’s role translated insights into actionable solutions that set the foundation for CTFS's Triangle banking solution.


Leveraging the insights from the collaborative workshop CTFS establishes a roadmap that paved the way for 3 application prototypes.

The crucial insights gained from the collaborative workshop with Architech formed the basis for a clear and comprehensive roadmap. This roadmap allowed CTFS to quickly create a proof of concept (POC). Building upon these insights, three clickable prototypes were developed, facilitating stakeholder buy-in and driving the subsequent launch of the Triangle Rewards application.

the REsults

The POC laid the foundation for the development of the Triangle Rewards application, which has since been successfully launched. CTFS positioned itself to capture the loyalty of their growing millennial segment and delivered a more accessible, human-centric banking experience. This strategic approach not only enhanced CTFS's market presence but paved the way for future innovations and customer-centric solutions.

Architech used a combination of design thinking and innovation strategies to help the team at CTFS create buy in to build the next big Canadian Retail Bank. The best part about this workshop; the engineers already know what they need to build and how to build it. There is a reason why Architech is able to deliver digital products 87% faster!
Mark Reisler
Assistant Vice President, Canadian Tire Financial Services