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Experience Design & UI/UX Consulting Services

Delight Your Customers by Making Powerful Experiences Simple


Create a Shared Vision Through Stakeholder Collaboration

Our Design Thinking workshops ensure end user outcomes are aligned to your company objectives and performance activities


Get More Engagement and Conversions

Every critical feature is optimized for speed, usability, cross-channel and cross-device functionality.


Make Everything Easy to Find The First Time

Your interface is designed to the ideal end user experience, and iterated to accommodate everything from best cases to edge cases.

Great software development takes a customer-centred approach, embracing innovation, experimentation and discipline.

On average UX approach reduces re-development time by 50%
73% of companies currently not conducting user experience testing will be doing so in the next 12 months
Businesses that adopt an omni-channel strategy achieve a 91% greater year-over-year increase in client retention

Your Full Service UI/UX Consulting Services

Our Experience Design Services & Capabilities

UI/UX Design Strategy & Consulting

UX Assessment & Experience Audit

UX Research (includes Usability Testing)

Design Thinking Workshops

User Flows & Customer Journey Mapping

Speed & Performance Optimization (Page Speed Optimization)

Supporting Capabilities

  • Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping
  • Creative Ideation
  • Cross-Device/ Mobile Optimization
  • Interaction & Human Centered Design
  • Information Architecture Analysis & Design
  • Expert UI/UX Design Review
  • Competitive Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Accessibility Planning & Development

Technologies Used for Your UI/UX Development Project

End-to-End UI/UX Design Process

UI Audit/UX Assessment


You know your application isn’t getting the right engagement. Conversions might be down, mobile use is poor, or people aren’t returning  – a poor user experience drags everything down.

We’ll audit every element of your application from a user-centered approach.

The UX Audit looks into:

  • How buyers progress through the checkout process
  • Design and choice of ‘top level information architecture’ for overall user engagement
  • How content and information is prioritized
  • Navigation structure and ease of navigation for new and returning users
  • How individual journeys lead to a sale
  • How groups of users engage when coming through different channels
  • Best practice insights for increased conversions unique to your platform.

You’ll get a report following the UX Audit:

Summary report showcasing all high level findings and key points – giving you a powerful executive summary to drive internal buy-in and interest, including comprehensive observations expanding on your biggest strengths and weaknesses, and an outline of UX objectives and priorities.

You’ll be able to make data-driven decisions about application design investments and needs.

UX Roadmap, Strategy, and Research

A Comprehensive Roadmap for digital modernization

Diving into a UX project can feel daunting. Your users have expectations that are hard to pinpoint, and the competition is at your heels.

We’ll clear the path by providing tailored recommendations, based data-driven insights, usability testing, collaboration methods and industry best practices.

So you can uncover your biggest technology constraints and invoke the best user experience strategies to engage with your target audience.

Plus, our competitive analysis will help you set realistic benchmarks, find gaps and opportunities, and identify critical competitive points of parity that you’ll need to match and exceed.

UX Workshops & Design Thinking Session

Align Cross-Company Objectives to a User-Centric Approach.

Your user’s experience needs to feel consistent across the entire application – like working with one company.

When different departments have different objectives, your user can feel lost and confused. Worse yet, they associate that feeling with your brand as a whole.

We’ll set up workshops, listen to internal stakeholders, and identify business objectives that can be affected by end user outcomes.

The workshops result in a clear strategy for how design will deliver the value desired by all internal stakeholders across a clearly defined value proposition and set of key metrics.

Customer Journey Mapping

Get into the Mind of the Customer, and Drive Behaviours that Count.

Building an ideal end user experience means understanding how your user behaves and what they need to achieve.

We’ll uncover user journeys – highlighting desired interactions across digital channels.

You’ll see real opportunities that informs features, UI elements, and conversion points based on data – not personal opinions and anecdotal evidence.

This approach will allow us to collect data, focus for the top priorities, real opportunities, features, UI elements, tools and tasks for the various swim-lanes – maximizing conversions or task completions.

End user intents are aligned to business objectives – letting you optimizing the user experience while achieving business outcomes.

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