Toronto, Canada - September 28, 2023

The technological horizon is rapidly redefining its boundaries, and Architech stands at its forefront. Architech proudly announces the appointment of May Lam as their Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in this transformative phase.  

May Lam, with a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, has demonstrated excellence in successfully implementing enterprise technology strategies, nurturing long-lasting client relationships, and coordinating collaborations across departments to deliver corporate goals. May's innovative mindset, coupled with diverse industry expertise, has earned her acclaim in the fields of telecommunications, B2C & B2B loyalty, e-commerce and financial services.

Having joined the Architech team 4 years ago, May has consistently embodied Architech’s core values, including “Think Big” and “Never Fail a Client”. Her exceptional contributions and strategic acumen led to rapid advancements, culminating in her appointment as Head of Client Partnerships in November 2021.

In this accelerated tech age, as CCO, May is primed to champion innovative solutions that seamlessly merge cloud dynamics, precise data, and the endless possibilities of generative AI. Her leadership will be paramount in driving growth and articulating strategies for industry titans like TELUS and Rogers.

David Suydam, Architech’s Founder & CEO, commented, "The fusion of cloud, data, and generative AI holds immense transformative power. At Architech, our mission is to help businesses not just navigate but thrive amidst this revolution. With May Lam joining our leadership, we're not only ready to unlock unparalleled avenues of growth but also to shape a future where technology serves as the very heartbeat of business innovation."

In her reflection on the appointment, May emphasized collaborative growth, stating, "This role signifies a collective journey towards an era of boundless innovation. Together, let's redefine business success in the age of digital prowess."

May Lam, CCO at Architech

May's new role strengthens Architech's dedication to embracing technological advancements and enabling client success in the ever-changing digital era.

May's promotion to the role of Chief Commercial Officer signifies a significant advancement in Architech's commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its clients:

  • Enhanced Client Relationships: May's track record of fostering enduring client relationships ensures that Architech's clients will receive exceptional support and partnership. She will work closely with clients to understand their evolving needs and ensure the successful execution of projects.
  • Innovative Solutions: May's deep industry experience positions her perfectly to spearhead the development of innovative solutions. Architech clients can anticipate cutting-edge, telco-focused digital solutions that address their unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Strategic Growth: May's strategic thinking and business acumen will contribute to Architech's continued growth. Clients can expect Architech to expand its capabilities and offerings, aligning with industry trends and providing new avenues for growth and transformation.
  • Tailored Solutions: Clients can look forward to tailor-made, revenue-generating digital solutions designed to address the unique challenges of their industry.


May's appointment underscores Architech's commitment to driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions, ultimately benefiting clients by enabling them to stay competitive and capture new market opportunities.

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