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Davis + Henderson Transforms Mortgage Lending & Cheque Digitization Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

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Davis + Henderson

At a Glance
David + Henderson (D+H), a prominent financial services provider, sought to revolutionize the mortgage lending and cheque ordering journey. A survey revealed that 48% of mortgage applicants believed they could independently handle the entire process, highlighting the pressing need for a user-friendly, scalable, and digital solution.
Ontario, Canada
Company Size
Financial Services


Meeting the challenge of modernizing the mortgage lending experience and cheque digitization to match customer expectations.

D+H found themselves facing a challenge when they realized that nearly half of all mortgage applicants believed they could handle the entire application process solo. It was a clear sign that things were changing in the mortgage industry, and D+H needed to adapt. D+H wanted to enable their clients, making applying for a mortgage as easy as ordering the latest gadget online–wanting it to be an "Apple-like" experience. D+H understood they needed a dedicated tech partner to bridge the gap between the current clunky mortgage process and the smooth, intuitive experiences their clients have come to expect.


Utilizing cutting-edge technology and design thinking methodologies to develop a responsive proof of concept.

Architech initiated a two-day workshop, introducing design-thinking principles and delving deep into core user challenges.

By applying design-thinking methodology, D+H embraced a collaborative agile product development, making sure every step was informed by real user insights. The outcome was a meticulously designed responsive mobile-first prototype.

Architech integrated AngularJS for the frontend, harnessing its capabilities to create a responsive and engaging user interface. For the backend, Architech implemented ASP.NET MVC to ensure scalability and reliability. Microsoft's Azure cloud platform played a key role in swift development, scalability and application reliability. HTML5 and CSS3 served as the tools of choice for crafting a mobile-first website, with Javascript added as an extra layer of interactivity that elevated user navigation.


Adopting Microsoft Azure for scalability and efficiency in a customer-centric mortgage lending and cheque digitization application.

This solution harnessed the robust capabilities of Microsoft Azure, ensuring not only rapid development but also scalability and reliability. This meant that the solution wasn't just designed for today; it was ready to scale and adapt as D+H's needs evolved. The prototyped mobile-first application aimed to revolutionize the mortgage experience by reducing paperwork and streamlining client operations. Architech conducted design research, iteratively prototyped mobile-first lending solutions, and engaged in customer testing. Collaborative Design Thinking workshops fostered a shared vision, while clickable prototypes, validated by real-world users, paved the way for market success.

the REsults

The impact of the prototyped application extended far beyond the project, with D+H inviting us to lead numerous workshops across their offices in Canada and the US. This resulted in a workforce that strategizes and innovates differently, prompting D+H to plan the integration of Design Thinking into its core organizational strategy.

It’s a powerful thing when teams come together to brainstorm, bring diverse ideas to the forefront, then start talking to clients and customers.
SVP & Chief Product Officer