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Goodfood Accelerates Meal Kit Delivery Service with Google Cloud Platform and a Robust DevOps Culture

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At a Glance
Goodfood, Canada’s #1 meal kit and grocery delivery service, partnered with Architech to improve its operations. This collaboration drove the establishment of a thriving DevOps culture, enabled an industry-first 60-minute delivery window, and propelled Goodfood to the front of the meal kit delivery market through streamlined operations and technological innovation.
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Ontario, Canada
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Food & Beverage


Overcoming the challenge of achieving 60-minute meal deliveries.

Goodfood faced significant hurdles in achieving their goal of delivering meals within 60 minutes of ordering due to issues with scalability and real-time delivery tracking. As the business expanded, maintaining version compatibility and synchronization across databases and applications became increasingly challenging, impacting their efficiency and customer experience.


DevOps-driven tech transformation, powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP), transformed operational efficiency and delivery capabilities.

Goodfood chose Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as their cloud vendor and Architech as their dedicated tech partner. Architech began the partnership by introducing a DevOps culture, reinforced by the implementation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This tech overhaul streamlined their development processes, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness. In collaboration Architech and Goodfood developed the first of its kind in the industry, last-mile delivery planning platform to support their fast turnaround delivery needs.


DevOps transformation unlocks new levels of efficiency and scalability, facilitating 60-minute deliveries, elevating operational excellence, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Goodfood's strategic move to embrace Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and implement DevOps practices ushered in a cultural shift and a more efficient development process. This transition from manual to automated processes enabled Goodfood to seamlessly scale across 100+ fulfillment centers and achieve 60-minute delivery time capabilities. The development platform's newfound automation and scalability set the stage for enhanced delivery services, operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

the REsults

Architech's partnership with Goodfood resulted in a transformative journey characterized by a thriving DevOps culture, streamlined operations, and remarkable innovation. The improvements to their 60-minute delivery window redefined customer expectations and set a new standard for service excellence, positioning them as leaders in the meal kit and grocery delivery industry.

I would recommend Architech to any organization that needs strong engineering experience. Architech was a key contributor in helping us build our Ecomm platform.
VP, Engineering