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Elevating Customer Experience with the First-to-Market Cross-Platform Communication Portal

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Rogers partnered with Architech to create a comprehensive solution, comprising a web portal, a mobile call management tool, and an iPad application. These components laid the groundwork for Rogers One Number, an innovative platform that empowers customers to effortlessly communicate through voice calls, texting, and chatting over Wi-Fi, all using their Rogers phone number.
Ontario, Canada
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Navigating technical complexities for an innovative, user-friendly, and secure communication application.

Rogers needed to create three core components for their ground-breaking product, Rogers One Number: a web portal, a mobile call management tool, and an iPad application. This innovative solution would enable customers to effortlessly make voice calls, send texts, and engage in chat conversations over Wi-Fi, all using their Rogers phone number.

To ensure the successful launch of this game-changing product, Rogers required expert assistance in navigating the intricate technical landscape, enabling them to achieve their desired business transformation while maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.


Transforming virtual communication with a seamless, multifaceted cross-platform approach.

Rogers partnered with Architech to co-innovate on this project. Architech crafted a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly aligned with the launch of Rogers' IMS network to fulfill the project's diverse requirements. Precise integration was essential to ensure Rogers' services worked flawlessly across various platforms.

To meet scalability needs, we introduced a versatile, cross-platform, and cross-device system, adapting views for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices according to user expectations.

Additionally, Architech enforced stringent network protocols, guaranteeing high reliability and service quality. We also implemented robust user authentication and account management systems, enhancing security and user convenience for seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.


Enabling customer engagement and delivering scalable excellence.

This achievement had a profound impact, strengthening brand loyalty and introducing a unique user experience. The brand's overall customer experience was significantly elevated.

This transformation was made possible by harnessing subscriber data and implementing community-based messaging. Rogers streamlined customer communication for messaging services, granting all subscribers seamless access to the One Number portal. The result was a user-friendly and dependable customer experience that set a new industry standard.

the REsults

The adaptable cross-platform system, known for its scalability and versatility, consistently met Rogers' business goals. Architech played a pivotal role in aligning the vision of all stakeholders, ensuring an agile and efficient implementation of the Rogers One Number solution, spanning design and technical capabilities. This successful solution prompted Rogers to expand its range of services, resulting in heightened customer retention and deeper engagement with their user community.

Architech had an intense customer focus at Rogers. They became a natural extension of our functional teams and a working-level partner, allowing us to deliver Rogers One Number in a very collaborative mode.
Larry Baziw,
Senior Director, Wireless Product Development