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Rogers Elevates Customer Experience with First-to-Market Cross-Platform Communication Portal.

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At a Glance
Rogers enlisted the expertise of Architech to tackle the complex task of developing a comprehensive solution: a web portal, a mobile call management tool, and an iPad application. These components formed the foundation of Rogers One Number, an innovative platform that empowers customers to communicate effortlessly by enabling voice calls, texting, and chatting via Wi-Fi using their Rogers phone number.
Ontario, Canada
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Navigating technical complexities for an innovative, user-friendly, and secure communication application.

Rogers wanted to build a web portal, a mobile call management tool, and an iPad application as the primary components for their latest innovation, Rogers One Number. The new application would allow customers to talk, text, and chat over Wi-Fi seamlessly using their Rogers phone number. To successfully launch this product Rogers needed support navigating the technical capabilities and environment needed to achieve the desired business transformation and sustain their competitive edge in the market.


Transforming virtual communication with a seamless, multifaceted cross-platform approach.

Rogers engaged Architech to tackle this project. To align the diverse requirements of this project, Architech developed a multifaceted approach that connected with the launch of Rogers’ IMS network.

This complex environment needed precise integration ensuring Rogers' services functioned seamlessly across various platforms.

To meet the scale requirements of the solution, Architech launched a cross-platform and cross-device system, with views for desktop, tablet, and mobile phones that are contextually appropriate for how the user expects to engage with the device.

Architech also enforced strict network protocols, ensuring high reliability and service quality. Finally, robust user authentication and account management systems were developed to enhance security and convenience for users making it easy to connect securely through WIFI.


Enabling customer engagement and delivering scalable excellence.

As the first unified one number application to hit the Canadian market, Rogers was able to enhance brand loyalty and launch a distinctive user journey, elevating the brand’s overall customer experience. By leveraging subscriber information and managing community-based messaging, Rogers effectively streamlined customer communication for messaging services, converged access to the One Number portal for all subscribers and delivered a user-friendly and reliable customer experience.

the REsults

The scalable, versatile cross-platform system consistently achieved Rogers' business objectives. From design to technical capabilities, Architech unified stakeholders' vision, enabling an agile and proficient delivery of Rogers' One Number solution. The success of this solution led Rogers to broaden its service offerings, fostering increased customer retention, and deepening engagement with their user base.

Architech's collaboration with WIND Mobile led to a unified, responsive, and user-friendly digital platform, streamlining operations, and solidifying WIND's position as a telecommunications industry leader.

Architech had an intense customer focus at Rogers. They became a natural extension of our functional teams and a working-level partner, allowing us to deliver Rogers One Number in a very collaborative mode.
Larry Baziw,
Senior Director, Wireless Product Development