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TELUS Health Transforms Website into an Accessible UX Optimized Healthcare Solution Hub

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TELUS Health undertook a critical mission to revamp its website. The primary goal was to align its online presence with the overarching strategy of the TELUS Masterbrand while adapting to ever-evolving user needs. TELUS Health aspired to transform its website into more than just an information hub. The vision was to create a digital platform that could demystify complex healthcare solutions, providing a space where users could not only access crucial information but also engage meaningfully.
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Transforming educational health community website for enhanced engagement, flexibility, and trust-building.

TELUS Health's outdated website faced several critical issues. It couldn't effectively engage users and lacked the flexibility to adapt to the company's growth, hindering its ability to showcase the interconnectedness of its healthcare solutions. Trust was essential in the healthcare industry, and TELUS Health needed a credible website to reflect its leadership. Working with a previous vendor, that faced challenges related to essential tools and effective collaboration, resulted in onboarding difficulties which delayed the project. Fortunately, Architech's prior successes with various TELUS teams, positioned Architech as the best tech partner to solve these challenges.


Seamlessly integrating Sitebuilder, Contentful, and Marketo to enhance user engagement and scalability while ensuring seamless marketing automation.

Architech seamlessly took the reins of the project, aligning perfectly with TELUS Digital's established processes and standards. Leveraging the power of Sitebuilder for crafting responsive page templates and employing Contentful as the central content management system, Architech ensured the website's scalability on OpenShift.

Their adept integration of Marketo for marketing automation further refined the user experience. From crafting initial designs to incorporating interactive features, Architech's central goal was to captivate and engage visitors effectively.


Streamlining complex healthcare information, increasing user engagement, and enhancing lead generation with 13 adaptable templates.

Architech's expertise in design and digital transformation led to an improved user experience for TELUS Health. Simplifying complex healthcare information, search ability and navigation, while enhancing user engagement, product awareness, and lead generation. The transformation provided a foundation for digital flexibility, with 13 templates forming the basis for over 140 pages in both English and French.

This not only diversified content presentation but also offered a flexible structure for accommodating evolving online needs. Additionally, Architech developed a built-in lead generation process to identify potential customers, guiding them through the purchasing journey. Lastly Architech’s provided documentation helped streamline the development of additional templates, ensuring TELUS Health's capability to keep pace with digital demands.

the REsults

The updated website became a flexible digital storytelling platform, aiding TELUS Health in explaining how its solutions support the Canadian healthcare community. With pages available in both English and French and additional template documentation, the site laid the groundwork for digital adaptability. This included everything from event pages, a section to support public relations efforts with media releases, as well as a home for “Latest Thinking,” the most recent thought leadership articles from its subject matter experts.

Amazing work from the design and development teams. We appreciate the speed with which you present the issues to us so we can collectively find a solution. Architech is a great team to work with, with very good expertise in development
VP, Product Marketing