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First-to-Market IoT Marketplace Achieves 96% Faster Deployment, Boosting Efficiency and User Experience

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TELUS needed to transform its Business Marketplace (TBM) with the IoT Console as a centerpiece. This initiative, led by the TBM IoT Team and Architech, aimed to modernize the marketplace frontend to align with TELUS Digital standards, enhance user experience and leverage the latest technologies.
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Modernizing e-commerce frontend to seamlessly integrate with backend systems and align with brand standards.

TELUS faced a significant issue with their e-commerce application. It required updating to its marketplace frontend to improve user experience while integrating seamlessly with their existing backend systems. This update needed to meet TELUS' high standards in brand consistency, SEO, accessibility, quality, security, and performance, while harmonizing with their Infonova APIs and TELUS SSO systems.


Architech transforms TELUS TBM IoT Console leveraging Google Cloud, React, and Node.js for scalable, user-centric integration.

Architech's team deployed a modern tech stack, including tools like Google Cloud, React, Node.js, and Contentful. This approach enabled the development of a robust, scalable frontend that aligned seamlessly with TELUS' existing backend infrastructure.

The team efficiently set up CI/CD pipelines, using Cloud Build and Artifact Repository. This setup ensured that new code changes could be smoothly and quickly integrated, tested, and deployed, maintaining high development velocity and quality standards. They skillfully managed content in Contentful, facilitating dynamic updates and easier management essential for a marketplace application with diverse offerings.

A key focus was on multilingual support for both the application and at the CMS level. This feature ensured a more inclusive and accessible user experience, catering to a broader audience.


TELUS TBM IoT platform redefines user journey with user-focused design, efficient resource utilization and streamlined business operations.

The transformation of the TBM IoT platform was critical for businesses to access and manage IoT services seamlessly. The modernized application focused on a user-centric design, improving ease of use and access to IoT solutions and resources to guide users through their buying journey.

The project optimized costs effectively by reusing existing tools and code, and by implementing dozens of reusable page templates to increase speed to market and application management. This improvement highlighted TELUS' commitment to resource efficiency. The incorporation of the TELUS Design Systems across the platform not only created a unified and intuitive user interface but also strengthened TELUS' brand identity.

the REsults

The TELUS TBM IoT initiative modernized the Marketplace, elevating user interactions and meeting TELUS' high-quality benchmarks. The project introduced critical new pages, enhancing the platform's scalability to adapt to future business needs. A key accomplishment was the 96.33% increase in deployment time, highlighting enhanced process efficiency. This overhaul has laid a foundation for TELUS' sustained innovation and growth within the marketplace through Architech’s expertise and tech-enabled services.

Learn how TELUS achieved a 96% increase to business efficiency through Architech's transformation of the TBM IoT console.