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August 2023

Architech, a leading enterprise application design & development firm, is proud to announce the launch of their AI solutions that have the power to transform your current enterprise applications into “intelligent applications”.

By rapidly launching custom AI use cases in their applications, Architech enables its clients to unlock the full potential of AI, exceed user expectations, uncover new revenue opportunities, and achieve exceptional results for unique business needs.

Architech's team is dedicated to supporting their clients in building a better future for their applications and users. By infusing artificial intelligence into your applications, Architech empowers you to achieve distinct business objectives and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. Leveraging their expertise in AI, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and User Experience Design, we deliver tailor-made AI use cases designed to drive success and propel growth.

Incorporating AI into their operations, the company fully embraced the journey to become an AI-enabled organization, evident through their recent company-wide AI hackathon. During the event, various teams were challenged to 'Think Big' and demonstrate the organization's commitment to delivering cutting-edge intelligent applications. Within a mere 48 hours, each of the 8 teams successfully developed custom proof of concepts tailored to address specific challenges within the sleep apnea industry, benefiting both patients and doctors.

By leveraging state-of-the-art AI tools, technologies, and best practices, alongside comprehensive user experience design and well-defined go-to-market strategies, the teams showcased their technical prowess and fostered a culture of learning and collaboration. The hackathon exemplified the organization's dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI possibilities and delivering tangible solutions with real-world impact.

"Our AI solution opens up a world of possibilities for businesses," said David Suydam, Founder & CEO of Architech. "With our expertise, we rapidly design and launch custom-built AI use cases, empowering organizations to embrace the full potential of artificial intelligence."

"Our approach to AI-powered application development is focused on finding the right solutions to solve your unique business problems," says Jeevan Varughese, CTO of Architech. "Once we identify the optimal solution with your team, we curate and customize an AI-powered solution to ensure maximum efficiency. Our team is dedicated and highly skilled in comprehending your unique needs, leveraging our expertise in engineering, design, and AI. With our AI Ideation Strategy workshop, we tackle your distinct challenges head-on and deliver tailored solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your organization's system."

Uniting our engineering and design expertise to develop cutting-edge AI powered solutions that make an impact in your organization and for your users.

Architech is showcasing their dedication to promoting AI adoption through the introduction of a complimentary AI Ideation Workshop. This engaging workshop empowers businesses to delve into the vast potential of AI within their applications, uncovering fresh opportunities and devising strategies to foster innovation and propel growth.

With a proven track record and a team of highly skilled professionals, Architech is at the forefront of AI solutions for enterprise applications. We are committed to empowering organizations to explore the art of the possible by harnessing the power of AI and unlocking new innovations and growth opportunities.

To learn more about Architech's AI solution and to register for the Free AI Ideation Workshop, visit their website at:


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