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Global Service Delivery Company

Global Service Delivery Company


Modern Application Development, Product Development


One of Canada’s top global service delivery companies required a technology refresh that would consolidate and redesign 57 legacy systems to benefit their customers and customer service agents (CSAs). Recognized for our ability to drive digital transformation, we were engaged to deliver a validated system using our approach.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging us, the global service delivery company had been working with a government ministry that operated using a legacy transaction system, containing thousands of complex business rules. These business rules were difficult to change, and the counterintuitive user interface required lengthy end-user training. Without a simple, streamlined workflow based system, the process was lengthy, prone to error, and disjointed.

Reducing 57 platforms down to six, 500K+ users per year now enjoy the benefits of a streamlined and effective system.

The Solution

The overall project goal was to improve care for end-users, reduce training time for new CSAs, and to build disaster recovery resistance/management right into the new solution. To meet these objectives, we designed and developed a solution that is efficient and easy to use. Because of the diversity of applications and code required, we implemented governance logic to validate the solution. To best serve our client’s needs, we used an agile process internally and leveraged a waterfall project delivery style – this involved daily stand-ups, scrum teams, and leveraged user research conducted with customer service agents (CSAs).

The Results

The result was the development of a website as well as an integrated platform for booking and managing services and appointments – a brand new application for the CSAs – linking all of their platforms. In addition to building a system, that manages 500K+ users per year at 90+ public service locations, our solution also reduced the platforms used by CSAs from 57 to 6.

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